Selon vos Envies … (hors suppléments)

Campagne Cheese OR dessert 37€
Vignes Cheese AND dessert 43€


To begin ...

Zucchini flower filled with Brousse cheese, Sardines in a Tomatoes broth

Blue Lobster with local vegetables in a cold soup (10€)

Different varieties of Tomatoes from Vanessa & Alain, Grignan Truffles

To continue ...

Roasted Monkfish Tournedos, Guémené Andouille caramelized red Onions and Beans

Filet of beef* Montbéliard, Provençal wine reduction                               (sup 5€)

Provence Lamb with Eggplants and Garlick cream

To finish …

 Selection of cheese matured by Josianne, Lou Canestéou

Country style cottage cheese

Panacotta with Almonds milk, Apricots prepared as a crumble
Cherries on a Financier cake, cottage cheese sorbet
Hazelnuts cookie, Vanilla cream with Raspberries


  Prix net ttc                                                                                                                * Origine France