Selon vos Envies … (hors suppléments)

Campagne Cheese OR dessert 37€
Vignes Cheese AND dessert 43€


To begin ...

Traditional Poached Egg in Burgundy Wine Sauce 

Scallops, Shrimps marinated in Combawa, Potimarron,Sour live Oil with Timut pepper seeds

Slice of Duck foie gras from the maison Dupérier, Paimpol white beans cream   (sup 5€)


To continue ...

Whiting, Sea-shells, Parnisps, Scallops butter

Filet of beef* Montbéliard, Provençal wine reduction                               (sup 5€)

Roasted wild boar, reduction of Juniper berries, Marc de Provence and wild Mushrooms

To finish …

 Selection of cheese matured by Josianne, Lou Canestéou

Country style cottage cheese

Apples and roasted butter brioche, "Charlotte" way
Chocolate pie and Cocoa nibs
Pear cooked in caramel sauce, crusty praliné and hazelnut ice cream


  Prix net ttc                                                                                                                * Origine France